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0000637Gameplay + OpenGL(No Category)public2017-04-29 08:32
ReporterEd the Bat 
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Summary0000637: OGG sounds are sometimes silent on first play
DescriptionThe first time an ogg format sound effect is to be played, it will potentially be silent.
Confirmed in GZDoom g3.0pre-79-gec1aeaf (latest devbuild as of posting)
Steps To ReproduceLoad attached file, begin new game, fire pistol. First shot may be silent.
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Ed the Bat

Ed the Bat

2017-04-28 17:37


oggtest.pk3 (11,448 bytes)


2017-04-29 03:17

developer   ~0001578

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Need to enter the game using menu in order to reproduce the issue.
Sound is playing fine in menu.
playsound weapons/pistol before shooting "fixes" the problem. The same for +map switch.
FLACs are not affected.
It's stereo sound issue.



2017-04-29 03:22

developer   ~0001579

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Unrelated to the reported issue but playsound weapons/pistol is louder than shooting.
This also seems to be OGG only problem.
This is also a problem with stereo sounds.



2017-04-29 03:45

developer   ~0001581

Fixed in be496a8
Ed the Bat

Ed the Bat

2017-04-29 08:24

reporter   ~0001582

Ah, so the file format wasn't the issue...
Thank you very much!


2017-04-29 08:32

developer   ~0001584

Difference in volume between shooting a pistol and playsound weapons/pistol in console is still persist.
I suspect that this is caused by downmixing to mono.

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