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0000622Gameplay + OpenGL(No Category)public2017-04-23 15:44
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Summary0000622: Exit portal behavior change since zdoom 2.6 and + prevent the player from exiting the map
DescriptionI am not sure exactly what is going on but the way exit portal work seem to have change in gzdoom itself, breaking a few old mod that I dust off for fun.

however, they seem to work fine if you use ZDoom 2.5.0 and lower. They also seem to work find in Zandronium 2.1.2 ut not if you use any of the alpha 3.x.

I try testing those using gzdoom 1-8-02. 1-8-06 and even 2.4.0 and the result is all the same, you can't exit the level.
Steps To ReproduceJust load the wad exitBug.wad and reach the portal entrance (thanks to Torr Samaho for creating this example)

you should be able to exit if you use zdoom 2.5.0 and lower.
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2017-04-23 12:18


exitBug.wad (2,984 bytes)


2017-04-23 14:09

developer   ~0001537

To "fix" this map in recent versions of (G)ZDoom you need to enable 'Non-blocking lines can be pushed' compatibility option or just set compat_pushwindow CVAR.
For already released maps there is the corresponding flag named disablepushwindowcheck for compatibility.txt file.

Let's wait for Graf's opinion, maybe he will add something.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-23 14:13

administrator   ~0001538

I have nothing to add. If this is work in progress, change it, if it is a problem for some released mod, post a link to the mod plus the affected map so that a compatibility option can be added.

Sadly, this is one of Randi's ill-advised changes that were made far too frequently when people reported 'bugs'. I hope this stuff will never happen again in the future.


2017-04-23 14:29

reporter   ~0001539

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here is the old thread of the mod in question :

link to the most recent :
the maps in question is sstmap34

And thanks for the info.

Torr Samaho

Torr Samaho

2017-04-23 14:34

manager   ~0001540

I added the necessary entry for Zandronum:


2017-04-23 14:35

developer   ~0001541

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A bit off-topic but with the mentioned compatibility option enabled exiting this map (or rather entering map02) crashes GZDoom.
It appeared that Exit_Normal special has a wrong player start argument. This leads to 'No player 1 start to travel to!' warning here
G_FinishTravel() at g_level.cpp:1260
G_DoLoadLevel(position=1, autosave=true) at g_level.cpp:1022
G_DoWorldDone() at g_level.cpp:1166
G_Ticker() at g_game.cpp:1125
TryRunTics() at d_net.cpp:1951

and then it crashes with the following callstack
AActor::UnlinkFromWorld(this=0x000000011015f600, ctx=0x0000000000000000) at p_maputl.cpp:298
AActor::OnDestroy(this=0x000000011015f600) at p_mobj.cpp:5364
DObject::Destroy(this=0x000000011015f600) at dobject.cpp:379
DThinker::DestroyThinkersInList(list=0x0000000100faabd8) at dthinker.cpp:453
DThinker::DestroyAllThinkers() at dthinker.cpp:432
P_FreeLevelData() at p_setup.cpp:3516
C_FullConsole() at c_console.cpp:1313
G_Ticker() at g_game.cpp:1133
TryRunTics() at d_net.cpp:1951

Value of prev is 0xbeefcafe but 'Woo! Bug-catching value!' comment tells me nothing to be honest.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-23 15:44

administrator   ~0001542

It crashed while taking down the level and printing the error message.
That value comes from trying to destroy a partially created thinker chain.

Strange that it crashes, though.

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