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0000590Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-30 19:32
Assigned ToRachael 
Status closedResolutionopen 
Summary0000590: ACS string table corruption
DescriptionSame as issue 0000441 but, apparently, it's not save games causing this. Strings are just getting shuffled around in the string table, for some reason.
Additional InformationThe attached save file uses doom2.wad and





2017-04-16 10:19


save30.zds (289,769 bytes)


2017-04-16 10:21

reporter   ~0001415

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Forgot to add, the save is running 2.4.0. (Though that could be determined by just looking inside the file.)
You can reproduce the issue by grabbing the plasma rifle in front of the player, but there's also corrupted strings in the log tab in the menu.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-21 04:58

administrator   ~0001502

Sorry, but this is pretty much undebuggable.
The biggest roadblock are those ACS binaries which I cannot decompile or disassemble to rule out bad code generation as a culprit. To use dynamic strings from ACS libraries they need to follow very strict procedures of how to deal with strings. So far every time someone reported string corruption it was caused by badly generated byte code.

I need something smaller and more contained where I am capable of seeing what the scripts are actually doing. This is 1.8 MB of ACS binary code, all of which may indirectly be responsible for the problems.

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