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0000565Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Featurepublic2017-04-30 18:46
Assigned ToGraf Zahl 
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Summary0000565: Pegging option to peg textures to floor instead of ceiling.
DescriptionScrewing around with Hexen's chain texture in map-remaking, I notice that in places like the entrance to Darkmere in Shadow Wood, it's used for a floor-elevator type of platform. I can isolate the part of the texture on its own linedef, but there's no way to make it actually move with the floor aside from giving the wall a line ID and running some concurrent ACS.

Any interest in adding a UDMF flag for this?
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Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-12 19:40

administrator   ~0001324

First, post your map. Since there is both a pegging flag for lower and upper I cannot say what's going wrong here.


2017-04-16 17:02

reporter   ~0001417

I... think you're misunderstanding me: I want to peg the texture to the floor in front of the wall, which is not supported. The example in Shadow Wood, near the entrance to Darkmere, is a set of platforms along the wall which raise up when you throw a switch. The texture of the wall next to those platforms has a track with a chain in it. I added vertices to put the chains on their own linedef, so that I could move it independently of the rest of the texture. (something which I believe was intended, based on the way the texture is drawn, and how Hexen's maps use it in the door tracks) I'd like to be able to have it align to the floor in front of the wall, so that it looks like the chain is pulling up the platform when it rises. I think this may have actually been a feature that was intended but never added to Hexen.

If you still don't get what I mean, I can isolate the concept and throw you a WAD...
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-16 18:23

administrator   ~0001418

Yes, please make a map so that I can review the technical implications.


2017-04-17 21:10

reporter   ~0001424

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Hexen WAD:

So here you have a switch-activated elevator. Note that the chains on the elevator's backing texture are isolated on their own linedef, and have the custom UDMF tag "reversepegging". The hope is that you'll add a functionality where that tag will, in this case, make the chains move with the elevator's floor instead of the floor behind them or the ceiling in front of them.



2017-04-17 21:20

reporter   ~0001425

Another way to describe this would be a tag to make the lower-texture behave as if it were a middle-texture on a one-sided linedef with the lower-unpegged flag: pegging to the floor in front of the line.

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