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0000562Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-12 19:31
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Summary0000562: Incorrect main monitor detection

I'm running GZDoom g2.4.0 on Windows 10.

I have a multimonitor setup with 2 1080p monitors.

The problem is that whenever I try to run GZDoom in fullscreen mode it opens on the secondary monitor.

It probably has something to do with me having connected DVI cables in reverse order on GPU, but it really isn't an excuse for this behavior because in Windows display settings I have set up things so that monitor No. 2 is the main one and every other fullscreen app behaves correctly.
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2017-04-10 17:45

reporter   ~0001305

There is actually a command built in to help with this:


2017-04-10 18:25

reporter   ~0001306

Thank you Enjay, that's very helpful.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-12 19:31

administrator   ~0001321

The picking the wrong monitor by default is a known OpenGL issue and not fixable. You have to do it manually.

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