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Summary0000056: [MantisBT] Certain markup tags in description are not working
DescriptionSubmitted another bug a minute ago about the attachment colors, with a screenshot embedded in the Description field from an imgur URL.

Example code:

The image embed:

...incidentally, this very bug report also exhibits bugs, as attempting to display the code for the image embed in the other bug report with a Code tag resulted in the Code tag itself breaking and displaying raw HTML along with it. So I suppose this bug report is its own test case.





2017-01-27 16:21

administrator   ~0000262

With the BBCode plugin having been presumably disabled, I suppose this issue is now moot?


2017-02-01 00:47

administrator   ~0000310

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I was able to reenable the BBCode plug-in without messing up emails so I am leaving it open. But I am leaving it on hold because I do not have a timeline for resolution. It may well be an issue that may not be fixed.



2017-02-28 19:53

administrator   ~0000816

Closing this since we have plans to migrate back to the forum.

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