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0000542Gameplay + OpenGL(No Category)public2017-04-14 10:15
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Summary0000542: FluidSynth ends main menu music abruptly
DescriptionWhen the main menu music ends with FluidSynth it just cuts abruptly while with other MIDI devices like Timidity++ the music fades like it should.
I have included a audio file, the first sample is with FluidSynth and the second is with Timidity++.
Steps To ReproduceLaunch GZDoom with FluidSynth as the MIDI device and wait at the main menu until the music ends.
Additional InformationI'm not sure if this is a bug or not because I have tested this with ZDoom and QZDoom but the issue is the same. I'm using Patch93's SC-55 soundfont 2.2, other soundfonts have the abrupt end too with FluidSynth.
PRBoom+ doesn't have this issue but the music doesn't sound correct.
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2017-04-05 05:49


Sample.mp3 (148,792 bytes)


2017-04-07 05:23

developer   ~0001268

I cannot reproduce this.

What's the sound backend you are using?
Also please post a link to your version of sound font.


2017-04-07 08:14

reporter   ~0001271

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I'm using this soundfont:!NBJHzYAC!nhIQPNpcotXl2iwdoWcGS8Pem3cyargCiXH3S-dPSJA
I think to reproduce this you only need to use FluidSynth as the MIDI device.
The sound backend I'm using is FMOD EX but using OpenAL doesn't make a difference.
I also had to download libfluidsynth64.dll from to use FluidSynth and I have also tested this on a old version of GZDoom on another computer and the issue was present. Other software synthesizers for MIDI playback doesn't have this abrupt cut at the end.

The settings I'm using for FluidSynth are these:



2017-04-09 02:41

developer   ~0001283

I still cannot reproduce this on two PCs, one of them is pretty old and slow.
If the problem only affects intro/title music this might be some quirks in loading of sound fonts within FluidSynth.
Could you please do a simple test with (Ultimate) Doom? When title music stops playing go to console and execute the following command:
changemus d_intro
I'm curious how it will sound.


2017-04-09 14:21

reporter   ~0001290

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In the sample I've posted, before it cuts, it's the music played by FluidSynth then when the music comes back it's played with Timidity++ after the sound has been restarted.
So you can ignore the second part. What I mean to describe is that with FluidSynth the main menu doesn't seems to have a fade at the end otherwise it plays perfectly and in-game there is no problems either. I think I notice this because the main menu music doesn't loop immediately. So I'm not sure if the lack of a fade near the end is normal or not.
Sorry if it's not very clear.



2017-04-10 00:04

developer   ~0001292

Lack of fade isn't normal but for me it didn't sound like in your sample. In other words the fade is present.
Could you please try console command from previous message?


2017-04-10 05:13

reporter   ~0001295

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Here's how it sounds, the fade seems to be present but I don't know if it's because of the loop of the music. I'm also on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and I'm using GZDoom 64 bit if that's useful

Command test.mp3 (285,883 bytes)


2017-04-10 05:28

developer   ~0001296

So it's 99% that the issue is caused by some delayed operations in FluidSynth's sound font loading.
It requires further investigation in order to figure out how to fix it.
As far as I know FluidSynth is no longer updated. Hard to say about possibility to fix it on GZDoom's side.


2017-04-10 07:51

reporter   ~0001298

I'm not sure if it's because of delayed operations because if I wait at the main menu for the music to replay without restarting the sound or using your console command , the fade is still missing. And my PC is not very slow either (i5 3570k @ 3.40 GHz)

I guess I will just deal with it then since it's noticeable in the main menu. Thanks for the help.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-14 10:15

administrator   ~0001365

I have an idea where this is coming from - it is not the softsynth that decides that the song is done, but the code that drives the softsynth. Apparently FluidSynth has a good deal of latency here which results in premature termination.

Now the catch: Fixing this would mean changing the entire setup of the MIDI code, and that's something I am definitely not going to do.

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