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Summary0000052: [Forum] The "Tiny" font size option in the full editor gives [size=50] by default but it's not valid when preview/post.
Description[Forum] The "Tiny" font size option in the full editor gives [size=50] by default but it's not valid when preview/post.

But when you preview or post, the forum will give you error message:

"You may not use fonts smaller than size 60."

It's not big problem but seems not one cared it at all, as it still exist now and a little annoying when you want to post a thread or reply, have to edit the 50 to 60 and re-click the preview/post again.
Steps To Reproduce1. Try to start a thread or reply a post.
2. Go to Full Editor.
3. Select the font option - Tiny.
4. It spawn "[size=50][/size]" in the textbox.
5. Click the "Preview".
6. You'll see the action failed with warning message as I wrote above.
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2017-01-15 19:50

administrator   ~0000092

I had thought that there was an option in the Admin Control Panel to adjust what certain markup options in the Reply editor were capable of doing, but it seems to only apply to new custom tags like the wiki and youtube tags; I can't edit the built-in ones from the Admin CP. However, there's an option where I can adjust the minimum allowed font size...but I seem to recall there are reasons why we've disallowed fonts smaller than 60%, so I'm not eager to reset that. This will likely have to be adjusted by directly modifying phpBB...something I'm not sure Eruanna's going to want to do.


2017-01-15 20:29

administrator   ~0000093

Pretty much correct here. I am not overly eager to do it right away, but a forum upgrade may be in the works if I can get a platform that supports nearly most (if not all) the mods that are in place on the forum. I don't want to disrupt what is in place or what people are used to, though, so it might not happen that quickly.

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