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0000410Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-03-11 00:35
ReporterMatthew the Glutton 
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOSDebian JessieOS Version
Summary0000410: Mysterious, harmless(???) memory corruption on exit
DescriptionOften while running HD, on exit I'd get this:

*** Error in `/home/mchan223/doom/./gzdoom': malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0000000005803100 ***

Nothing in play seems to be amiss and the error does not appear until I hit exit. Setting this to low priority since literally all I see go wrong is that error message.
Steps To ReproduceIDDQD, summon a "HDMImp" run off a few paces ahead and let it spam you with fireballs for a while, then exit.

I think I've been able to get it with the other imp actors (HDImp, HDHImp) before but I have not been able to reproduce this with them now.
Additional InformationLink to latest version of HD used:
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Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-10 03:36

administrator   ~0000922

This wasn't harmless. Fortunately in a debug build the broken code immediately threw up an error so it was relatively easy to find.
Matthew the Glutton

Matthew the Glutton

2017-03-11 00:28

reporter   ~0000928

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Still getting it as of f1630ce. :(

It's a different address each time, this time I got *** Error in `/home/mchan223/doom/./gzdoom': malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00000000051a8df0 ***

and sometimes (before this last fix) it would say something about an invalid list or something. of f1630ce I can only replicate this memory corruption on a release build, not debug.

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