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0000279Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-16 12:29
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Summary0000279: armor bug with dehacked patch
DescriptionIt looks like the "Misc 0" line or section in the Dehacked lump is causing the Doom armors to bug: The green or the blue armor have no effect and the player gets hurt the same rate as without the armor. Also the armor points on the screen will stick constant at 100 or 200 even if the player gets hurt.

Just plain "Misc 0" line in the deh lump is enough. It doesn't need to follow any real commands. The misc section is for health, armor and infight setups. However, if you've no armor and you pick up only few armor bonuses any damage will wear them off as usual.
Steps To ReproduceTry the test wad for Doom2 MAP01. It has an embedded deh lump with just one line. Pick up the armor and use the nukage pool or the imp to get hurt. If you edit the wad and remove the dehacked lump the armors behave as usual.

This can be noticed in classic wads such as Knee Deep in ZDoom (kdizd.pk3/kdizd_12.pk3), RTC-3057 (3057hub1.wad), Nimrod and Dark7 mission pack1 with cw-sin1.wad (shipped in
Additional InformationThis occures with both 32/64-bit gzdoom-g2.4pre-521-gd8ebbcf (Feb 15th) and gzdoom-g2.4pre-310-gbecc00a (Feb 2nd) but not with the last ZDoom builds.
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