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0000225Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-10 16:16
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Summary0000225: Saved Games Don't "Remember" Gravity Settings
DescriptionLoading up a saved game of maps with gravity settings (implemented via ACS) makes GZDooM forget that the maps had gravity. Problem occurs on GZDooM v2.3.2. I just tested with GZDooM v1.8.10 and the game remembered the gravity setting. This problem appears to have been introduced with newer GZDooM versions.
Steps To Reproduce1. Entered map with gravity
2. Saved game & exited
3. Loaded saved game to find no gravity implemented
4. Repeated steps 1-3 with same result
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2017-02-09 15:51

reporter   ~0000478

Here's a new, but related, issue: I used MAPINFO to define the gravity for a given map. [This is not my preference, as I need different levels of gravity in different parts of the map. However, I did it for testing purposes.] When I saved a game an returned to it the gravity settings are "remembered" by GZDooM. However, the initial gravity that the player encounters when entering the map is too low. [My MAPINFO has gravity = 160, which is 20% of "normal" DooM gravity.] Therefore, the player is able to jump extremely high. Upon saving and reloading the map, the jump height appears to be proper. This is an inconsistency that might be considered a bug.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-09 17:30

administrator   ~0000480

I need some small test maps. Paranoiac is far too large to test these things.


2017-02-09 17:43

reporter   ~0000481

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I thought this was covered and fixed before. See @ for what I mean. Unless something ELSE broke gravity settings again. The maps I used for testing should still be there, if Graf requires testing maps though. I haven't tested them again though to see if the gravity broke, but this is a bit odd to be seeing again. :V

EDIT: Just checked my gravitytest.wad, and I'm not seeing issues on my end with save/loads. Using 2.4pre359

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-10 03:27

administrator   ~0000484

Hm, so this wasn't even tested with a more recent devbuild?


2017-02-10 09:27

reporter   ~0000494

I just tested it with gzdoom-x64-g2.4pre-387-gbe9b2b3 The saved games *do* remember the gravity settings. There is another gravity-related issue, which I will report separately.

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