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0000195Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Featurepublic2017-03-14 06:18
Reporterzrrion the insect 
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Summary0000195: JASC palette support, other palette changes
DescriptionIt would be very useful to be able to use JASC palettes in place of PLAYPAL. They are easier to work with directly, instead of having to run an image through a converter.
They would also remove the 256 colour limit in everything but the 8 bit renderer, but a colour selection algorithm could be used to get the 256 most useful colours from the palette.
The shader that handles tone-mapping would probably also need to be changed to work with more than 256 colours.

Additionally, loading more than one palette would be useful in cases where redefining the entire palette is unnecessary as only a small number of colours outside of the IWAD palette are used.
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2017-02-06 13:28

reporter   ~0000412

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Just curious, what would be the use case for a palette with more than 256 colors? The sole purpose of using a palette is to speed the software renderer by drawing 8 bits instead of 32. And even then it's pretty useless now since QZDoom's multithreaded software rendering is faster in 32bit than non-multithreaded in 8bit, at the same resolution.

(perhaps this should be called "let's invent better and easier ways to use translation without limiting ourselves to PLAYPAL"?)

zrrion the insect

zrrion the insect

2017-02-06 14:01

reporter   ~0000413

Some users/designers like the "chunky" look that the software renderer has, and expanding the palette would allow for more colours while keeping the software look.

I hadn't even thought of translations but that is a good point as well.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-06 17:26

administrator   ~0000415

Not really important. Maybe later when I have more time.


2017-02-07 01:15

administrator   ~0000418

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What application allows you to select more than 256 colors in a palette?!

That being said reading and parsing a JASC file should be fairly straightforward but I am not sure I would want to support going beyond the traditional 8-bit. If you need more colors just load them in as truecolor images since you're using GZDoom anyway.

The next step up from 256 colors is naturally 65536 colors (aka 16-bit) - and at that point, you already have one bit more precision than rgb555 (which, funny enough, Windows used to actually display at that color depth) which is leering very close to true-color anyway.

If it's a file format that you're looking to support, that sounds more sensible than trying to hack the engine around some weird color palette setup.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-14 06:18

administrator   ~0000989

Only limited to 256 colors, because that's all that can be sensibly applied.

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