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0000185Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-05 11:46
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Summary0000185: Some menu graphics and text enlarge after using Alt+Enter to go into windowed mode
DescriptionWhen using Alt+Enter to toggle from fullscreen to windowed mode, some menu graphics and UI text will become enlarged. This includes:
*Menu options
*Game title
*Quicksave/quickload/quit game text

The UI elements will not resize back to normal when using Alt+Enter to revert back to fullscreen. Changing the screen resolution to a different value will reset the UI elements' size, however.
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch GZDoom in fullscreen mode.
2. On title screen, press a key to invoke the menu. Observe the size of the menu text and graphics.
3. Begin game. In-game, press F10 to bring up the "quit game" dialog. Observe the size of the text.
4. Press Alt+Enter to toggle from fullscreen to windowed.
5. Press "Esc" to invoke the menu. Observe that the menu text and graphics are larger than before.
6. During gameplay, press F10 to bring up the "quit game" dialog. Observe the text is larger than before.
7. Press Alt+Enter to toggle back to fullscreen.
8. Invoke one of the prior UI elements. Observe that they are still larger than normal.
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2017-02-04 22:47

reporter   ~0000382

Note: I'm using 1920x1080 as my general display resolution. Toggling to a lower resolution, then back, resolves the issue.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-05 11:24

administrator   ~0000390

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This fell into some logic hole for low resolutions which is now disabled.

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