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0000618Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-22 12:00
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Summary0000618: Water splash after loading saved game
DescriptionReplaying Enjay's Waterlab once again, I noticed one issue upon loading of saved game: some actors do water splash while they shouldn't.
I tracked down the problem to this commit but found no way to make it work without reverting it.
Steps To ReproduceLoad attached save game with njwlgzd.pk3 using the latest GZDoom, dc3df4e at this moment.
Additional InformationReverting the mentioned commit (and fixing one compilation error) will fix the problem: actors will no longer do splashes after loading.
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2017-04-22 08:35


save0.zds (203,168 bytes)
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-22 08:45

administrator   ~0001523

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... and now guess who I made that commit for... :D
I guess the request was for this mod actually, so reverting it is certainly not what should be done.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-22 08:51

administrator   ~0001524

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My guess is that this is caused by boomwaterlevel not being serialized. I need to test but for that the savegame seems useless because the variable is not in there.



2017-04-22 09:04

developer   ~0001525

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But boomwaterlevel wasn't serialized before and it worked.
From my point of view this variable isn't updated in SplashCheck() because of UpdateWaterLevel(false) call.

EDIT: Interestingly enough, if you enter a water at starting location without jumping it will sound like walking down a regular staircase. With jumping however it will do splash.

EDIT 2: Serializing boomwaterlevel fixes the problem with splash after loading.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-22 10:59

administrator   ~0001526

boomwaterlevel is old, but its function changed a bit when making Boom water splashier.
The splash simply happened because the current state got lost when saving and reloading so the next comparison thought it had to do a new splash.

About your first edit: Splashing requires a minimum velocity or step distance, this is to avoid constant splashing when monsters step into liquids which proved quite annoying.


2017-04-22 12:00

reporter   ~0001527

Graf said: "I guess the request was for this mod actually..."

You are correct.

Thanks for addressing this issue without reverting the feature. :)

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