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0000614Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-30 19:40
Assigned ToRachael 
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Platform64 bitsOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000614: Quit sound effects ocassionally not playing
DescriptionTested in last GZDoom stable releases (2.3 and 2.4) in FMOD sound mode: when you press F10 to exit the game and you mark YES option, the random quit sound effects sometimes do not play at all. The same exit action perfoms OK, but the SFX simply doesn't reproduce (or they do it silent) in some occasions.
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2017-04-23 03:49

developer   ~0001531

There are bunch of ways to customize those sounds.
Was it reproduced with just an IWAD? Also make sure you don't have autoloaded mods.

If this still happen with no mods loaded, please start the game with the following command line:
gzdoom.exe -iwad doom2 +developer 3 +logfile log.txt
Hit F10 and Enter to quit. Start again and repeat until the issue happens again. Open log.txt file and go to its end. There should be four lines like these:
Loading sound 
"menu/activate" (291)
Loading sound "brain/cube" (266)
Unloaded sound "brain/cube" (266)
Unloaded sound "menu/activate" (291)

The second and the third lines can be different but the first and the forth should reference menu/activate sound.
Post sound name referenced in 2nd and 3rd lines here.

As an additional test you can start the game normally with Doom II IWAD and execute
playsound brain/cube
in the console replacing brain/cube with the sound name you got from the log.txt file.
Do you hear this sound?

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