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0000593Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-20 19:43
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Summary0000593: Damage Factors do not work on projectiles that can be killed
DescriptionDamage Factors are ignored if they're applied to a projectile that has the SHOOTABLE flag.
Steps To Reproduce- Download the linked WAD file

- Open the console and type, "Summon IonCannonBeaconArmed"

- Attack the summoned thing with explosion or bullet types of damage. The projectile has factors that should make it immune to those types, but it is not.

Or if you don't want to download the example WAD...

- Create a projectile with some health, SHOOTABLE flag applied, and give it a Damage Factor that you can easily test (a Damage Factor of normal should work).

- Attack the projectile with a weapon that has the type of damage you created or specified

- The projectile should ignore the factor and take damage when it shouldn't





2017-04-17 15:47


GZDoom_DamageFactor_ExampleWAD.wad (17,018 bytes)
Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow

2017-04-18 07:46

reporter   ~0001436

I can't reproduce this. Here is what did:

Using the provided demo file, I gave the plasma ball a damage type of fire which the thing is immune to. Fired at it with the plasma rifle and it took no damage from the event (expected behavior). Then I tried the rocket launcher, whose projectile doesn't have a specific damage type. The result was that the thing got damaged normally (expected behavior, as well).

This was tested with 2.4.0 and development build 3.0pre-15-g11e6cfc. Both produce the same results.


2017-04-18 18:29

reporter   ~0001452

Hmm I reproduced your steps and the issue didn't happen for me either. I even gave the Plasma Ball the SHOOTABLE flag and it still didn't happen.

If I remove the SHOOTABLE flag from one of the actors in my example then the factors work as they should so I suspect there is another property/flag that is interfering with them and causing them not to work.


2017-04-20 15:21

reporter   ~0001485

I found the culprit: it appears that A_Die clears the Damage Factors and/or Damage Types from the actor that it's called for some reason.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-20 19:42

administrator   ~0001491

Ok, in that case I'll close the report. A_Die does indeed change the damage factor of the affected actor, because it is set to the killer's damage - but A_Die lets the world kill the projectile.

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