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0000574Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-13 13:43
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Summary0000574: Armor value always displayed on full screen HUD even with no armor
DescriptionThe armor value and icon is always present on the full screen HUD right from the start of a game. This is a change. The armor value didn't previously appear until an armor item of some sort had been picked up.

It looks particularly weird to me because the value starts at 0 and uses the green armor icon but in Doom2, you can pick up an armor helmet in the first room so the armor goes from 0 and green armor icon to 1 and a helmet. So it almost looks like the first pickup degrades your armour (from an icon perspective at least, if not the numeric value).
Steps To ReproduceStart a game with the full screen HUD active. (Then pick up the armor helmet in the first room of Doom2.)
Additional Information2.4.0 is OK
2.5pre-295-g1febf27 and a few versions prior to this show the issue.

ZDoom thread where I mentioned it:

Also mentioned in that thread is a spacing issue for the HUD elements. I have no idea if the change there is intended or not.
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