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0000566Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-18 03:06
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Summary0000566: Missing polyobject errors should be non-fatal
DescriptionWhen screwing around with remaking Hexen maps, I'll often pull in the original and put it somewhere nearby, so I can screw with ideas on it and look at it for reference. I alter, replace, and delete sections of it as I go.

The problem is that, every time I accidentally delete a poly-object or something, the engine refuses to run the level. This not only makes testing a pain, but also makes no sense: why do poly-objects not being there matter so much that the level can't run?

Please make it so the engine throws a warning instead of a fatal error when it can't find polyobjects.
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2017-04-11 03:49

reporter   ~0001307

and this USED to be a bit easier to fix, because you could just put in a polyobject thing and check from that, but the latest GZDoom Builder update fixed the double-polyobject issue by removing the original Hexen one.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-12 19:39

administrator   ~0001323

This errors out because long ago someone decided that the best way to deal with mapping problems is a hard abort. And for this code it never got changed.


2017-04-18 03:06

reporter   ~0001429

Wow, yeah, that sounds both dumb and very believable. Thanks! :)

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