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Summary0000558: phpBB 3.2 Wiki tags not working
DescriptionWiki tags no longer work on the DRD forum. If you use them, they don't convert to a link but stay exactly as they were typed in the post.

"Unfortunately that seems to be something that I can't immediately fix. Can you file a report under (site) on the tracker? Just mark it as phpBB 3.2, because it will be a problem when we upgrade there, too."
Steps To ReproduceType [wiki]PLAYPAL[/wiki] (or any other suitable combination) and all you will see in your post is [wiki]PLAYPAL[/wiki] and not a link to the PLAYPAL page of the wiki.
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2017-04-13 18:49

administrator   ~0001347

Confirmed - but without knowing what the cause is, this is not possible to fix, so putting on hold for now.

I am hoping it's just a phpBB bug and that it will be fixed.
Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow

2017-04-14 05:59

reporter   ~0001351

It appears they only work if you explicitly link to the page:

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