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0000552Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-09 05:10
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Summary0000552: Samsara Synthfire Weapon Handling Broken As Of GZDoom g2.4.0
DescriptionSamsara has relied on a variety of unfortunate DECORATE tricks throughout its development on account of primarily being developed for Zandronum. One of those tricks was the popular "Synthfire" system, used for developing guns-akimbo weapons for the SecurityOfficer player class.

Recently, Samsara's implementation of Synthfire has started bugging out in the latest versions of GZDoom - upon activating guns akimbo mode, the additional weapon will vanish, effectively leaving the player with a slightly offset version of the original weapon.

Whether or not this can be fixed I'm not certain - I have been unable to isolate the issue into a smaller file, and the Samsara codebase in general is famously horrible - but given the issue spawning from a change to the DECORATE parser throughout the evolution of ZScript, I figured it was at least worth reporting.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Run the latest version of Samsara
2.) Start a new game of Doom 2 with the SecurityOfficer class.
3.) Turn around and pick up the Chainsaw replacement.
4.) Switch back to the Pistol, using the "1" key.
5.) Press the Alt Fire button.

The second weapon will rise up in a canned animation, then immediately turn invisible and unusable. The first weapon will still be usable.
Additional InformationThis also effects the Shotgun replacement, which enables a similarly coded effect upon picking up two of them.

To see the weapon as it's supposed to work, start a new game as the SecurityOfficer class and use the console to give yourself the item "SynthFireActive".
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2017-04-09 02:47

developer   ~0001284

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It worked in 2.3.2 but broken in 2.4.0 and the latest master.

EDIT: It's broken since this commit.



2017-04-09 04:05

reporter   ~0001285

Thank you for narrowing down the exact commit, _mental_!


2017-04-09 05:10

developer   ~0001286

Fixed in b0a0c62

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