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0000539Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-05 05:45
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Summary0000539: Custom DIALOUxx lumps in STRIFE are broken past SVN pre2.4-359.
DescriptionIf a mod/pk3 file with a custom DIALOUxx lump [uncompiled Strife dialogue lumps] is loaded in any version past SVN pre2.4-359 [includes the stable 2.4 download]. For example, if you load DIALOU02 [map02], characters like Rowan, the Bartender, MacGuffin, etc will simply use the default peasant and beggar quotes. This obviously breaks the progression of the game when using any of these mods.

This doesn't seem to be an issue if you run Strife with no extra files though.

Also according to a friend, this also affects compiled SCRIPTxx lumps as well.
Steps To ReproduceDownload any SVN starting at 2.4-pre381 and on and run Strife in GZDoom with the "strifedialoutest.pk3" file. Go to Map02, kill the first Acolytes and then try to talk to imporant characters like Rowan, MacGuffin, the Bartender, Harris, etc. Their dialouge will be the normal peasant/beggar dialouge.
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2017-04-04 21:28


strifedialoutest.pk3 (8,470 bytes)
Serious Cacodemon

Serious Cacodemon

2017-04-04 23:58

reporter   ~0001240

Compiled scripts (scriptxx) are not effected by the bug, just to correct what was said earlier about scriptxx files also being effected.


2017-04-05 05:45

developer   ~0001244

Fixed in a27ab73

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