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0000537Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-06 06:58
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Summary0000537: CVAR is UNKNOW in game menu
DescriptionCVARs that have the "user" scope in CVARINFO are broken. This problem appears with all mods that have user CVARs (Samasara, CustomDoom ...)
Steps To ReproduceLoad GZDoom with a mod that can be customized (CustomDoom for example) and open it's configuration.
The CVARs that are unknown in CustomDoom can be found in "Randomizer options". "Show Timer" and the notifications settings will appear as unknown and the slider will not work.

Custom Doom: (Open the menu with a keybind
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2017-04-04 14:42

reporter   ~0001239

Good Ol'Hud is a better example
Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow

2017-04-05 03:10

reporter   ~0001242

Running 2.5pre-259-g4b127c7, I can confirm that.


2017-04-05 04:25

developer   ~0001243

Last edited: 2017-04-05 04:25

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The bug was introduced in this commit with extension of CVar.FindCVar() function.
I think scripting interface should have two functions to access console variables, FindCVar() and GetCVar(), like on C++ side.
Let's wait for Graf's opinion.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-05 08:33

administrator   ~0001248

You may be right. That change was probably not the best thing to do for what it was supposed to achieve anyway.


2017-04-06 02:54

developer   ~0001255

Fixed in 26e4b74


2017-04-06 04:43

reporter   ~0001257

Does this mean my previous FindCVar scripting won't work anymore and I have to migrate them to GetCVar?


2017-04-06 06:58

developer   ~0001258

It depends on usage of player argument.
The functions operate a bit differently under the hood: FindCVar() will return CVar object regardless of IGNORE and USER flags.
For this reason its replacement with GetCVar() broke custom menus.

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