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0000497Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-01 23:58
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Summary0000497: FastProjectiles MissileType Trails not spawning at +/- 90 degree pitch.
DescriptionRemember this bug from a while back? It was fixed before... but now it's back...

Missile actors that inherit from FastProjectile and travel at a 90 degree pitch will not spawn their MissileType trails

I'm using GZDoom 2.4.
Steps To ReproduceAim straight up or straight down, and fire a missile that inherits from FastProjectile. This will be most visible in mods like Guncaster or Trailblazer.

- In Guncaster, use the Cauterizer or the Old Dreadful. Aiming completely up or down will just show some smoke trail, but not the ball in the middle (which is the actual MissileType trail).
- In Trailblazer, use the Bitchmaker's STANDARD FIRE MODE. Alt-Fire will fire the projectiles at random angles, which will mean that they will not travel at a 90 degree pitch, so their MissileType trails will spawn. If done properly, you will see nothing but the projectile's impact at the end.
Additional InformationI must reiterate that this issue was an engine bug when it was first brought up.
TagsEngine Bug, FastProjectile, This was fixed before... what happened?



Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-29 15:51

administrator   ~0001177

I cannot remember what it was - but it got broken again by trying to fix the flame strike weapon in the wrong place.


2017-03-29 18:34

reporter   ~0001178

Last edited: 2017-03-29 19:09

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(Flame strike weapon???)

I see it now says it's resolved... but I keep looking through the recent Git activity, and I don't see anything on a change to the FastProjectile code...

Is it fixed? Does this mean that I can download the latest version and this one will be fixed?

EDIT: Actually... I can probably answer that by just trying it out myself... XD

EDIT 2: No, it's not fixed. Why is this marked as fixed?



2017-03-30 17:30

reporter   ~0001190

This problem is not fixed. I repeat, NOT FIXED.

Why is it marked as fixed???
Matthew the Glutton

Matthew the Glutton

2017-03-31 11:06

reporter   ~0001196

I'm guessing it's got something to do with the squiggly thing here?
				if (!(frac.xy ~== (0, 0)) && ripcount <= 0) 
                    ripcount = count >> 3;

                    // call the 'Effect' method.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-01 06:04

administrator   ~0001199

It is marked fixed because when I shoot up with the Mage's wand straight up in the air I can see the trail.


2017-04-01 17:50

reporter   ~0001203

Has the fix been added to the newer SVN releases yet?
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-01 18:06

administrator   ~0001206

There are no SVN releases, but the fix should have been in a few devbuilds by now.


2017-04-01 23:27

reporter   ~0001207

I confused the name. I always search "GZDoom SVN" whenever looking for the devbuilds, and it brings up the page of devbuilds.

Anyway, the devbuild I got was from March 29, and it didn't work there. And even as I type this, I can say that I still haven't seen any logs in GitHub announcing that this issue was fixed. I've looked through many, many pages, but I haven't seen anything concerning FastProjectiles.
Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow

2017-04-01 23:50

reporter   ~0001208

It was part of this commit.


2017-04-01 23:58

reporter   ~0001209

Thanks for showing me that. I'm going to need to test and see if the newer version doesn't have this issue. If it does, I'll try and post a video.

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