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0000047Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-01-13 16:30
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Summary0000047: "Sector_SetGravity" settings on individual sectors are unset when reloading a saved game.
DescriptionBasically maps like Happy Time Circus [both of them, and likely other maps] have areas where the gravity is set low so you can make really high jumps, so this bug will causing areas like that to become unbeatable without using noclip or fly to get to the higher ledges.
Steps To Reproduce- Load gravitytest.wad [MAP01].
- The green sector is 12% normal gravity, blue sector is 25%, orange is 50% and red is 2x gravity.
- Save the game and reload the file.
- The gravity will be unset [1x] in all of the sectors that should be affected.
Additional InformationThe Sector_SetGravity commands in this situation are set via ACS, not sure if there're other way to set gravity besides the ACS commands.





2017-01-13 16:08


gravitytest.wad (5,718 bytes)

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