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0000463Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-03-23 04:19
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Summary0000463: Crash with unhelpful error message when node building fails
DescriptionAfter working fine for months, a work-in-progress UDMF map started crashing GZDoom. After a long troubleshooting process I determined it was because I'd added some sectors and things that extended past a fixed point map dimensions limit (32767 in Y axis). My workaround was simply to move the geometry back in bounds.

However, the error GZDoom gave was the very generic, ambigious "Failed to allocate -1 bytes from process heap" (in Windows) or "Failed to allocate memory from system heap" (in Linux).

When I try to build nodes for the map with ZDBSP, it gives a more helpful error:
Script error, line 6:
Fixed point value is out of range for key 'y'
    0.50 should be within [-32768,32767][/quote]

However I didn't see this error from my map editor (SLADE3) initially; I intend to file a similar bug with that project for better surfacing of node build errors.

I'm guessing that the GZDoom crash happens because its internal node builder fails for the exact same reason. When this happens, it would be nice if an error message like the more useful one ZDBSP outputs could be shown instead of the memory allocation message it currently shows.

Attached: versions of the map with the crash (crash.wad) and with the workaround applied (nocrash.wad)
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