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Summary0000045: [MantisBT] Users cannot comment on closed issues
DescriptionSee title.

For Eruanna, if this change is considered -- relevant snippet from the admin guide:

Section 4.3.2 seems relevant. From some quick research, there's a list of statuses which auto-mark the thread "readonly", and these are configurable in "Manage > Manage Configuration > Workflow Thresholds" in admin-land.

I know some folk are not fond of discussion happening in closed suggestions, but it's really easy for devs to filter out resolved statuses and the value of closing comments cannot be understated from a user perspective (e.g. earlier I was trying to post a code snippet for Major Cooke but got thread-sniped by an issue closure because "code it yourself" -- irony. :P ).
Steps To ReproduceTry and respond to a closed thread. No dice.





2017-01-13 15:20

administrator   ~0000070

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See forum.



2017-01-13 17:58

developer   ~0000073

Hmm, almost there. I'm able to add a note to "resolved" issues, but not to "closed" ones.

[For the self-edit stuff, gonna post that in the other issue for topicalness' sake]


2017-01-14 11:19

administrator   ~0000078

Can you try now? I think I pretty much nullified the effect of read-only entirely now.


2017-01-14 11:57

developer   ~0000080

Works! See

Thanks for the tweaking! One step closer to a well-oiled system.


2017-01-14 13:04

administrator   ~0000081

One down, many more to go...

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