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0000423Gameplay + OpenGL(No Category)public2017-03-19 10:55
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Summary0000423: SBARINFO flag "WhenNotZero" is borked.
DescriptionIn Guncaster, there are all these 1's that show up where powerup counters are supposed to be. They never go away, even if you don't have the powerup that corresponds to the number. And they are only supposed to show up when the amount of time remaining for the powerup is at 0 (because of the WhenNotZero flag).
Steps To ReproduceRun Guncaster with the latest GZDoom SVN build.
Additional InformationI've attached an image displaying the glitch in question.
TagsGuncaster, GZDoom, SBARINFO, WhenNotZero





2017-03-12 20:46


hudwhoops.JPG (161,656 bytes) ==> SQL => SELECT d.adnum as num, d.adsrc as def from pg_attrdef d, pg_class c where d.adrelid=c.oid and c.relname='mantis_bug_file_table' order by d.adnum
hudwhoops.JPG (161,656 bytes)
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-13 03:22

administrator   ~0000949

Give me a smaller demo to test. Guncaster is far too large to test such issues.
And please read this:


2017-03-13 03:51

reporter   ~0000951

Not sure if I can whip up a smaller one... but I can try...


2017-03-19 07:29

developer   ~0001059

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Works fine with Guncaster 2.8a using the latest master and maint2.4 branches.

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