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0000402Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-03-08 12:04
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000402: Replacement IWADs that don't replace menu graphics cause fatal error on MENUDEF parse
DescriptionIf you try to run an IWAD replacement (that isn't coded into the engine as such, but depends on being loaded with '-iwad' or via another game file's gameinfo IWAD section), GZDoom still parses the default MENUDEF for that game type and throws a fatal error if the image lumps aren't found.

Specific use case:

The Wolf3D TC bombs out with an error message... It contains a MAP01 placeholder lump that causes the engine try to load the IWAD as doom2.wad when you run 'gzdoom -iwad .\Wolf3D.pk7'. In the past this worked with no issue.

"Execution could not continue.

Script error, "gzdoom.pk3:menudef.txt" line 42:
Unknown texture M_DOOM"
Steps To ReproduceTry to run the Wolf3D TC.


Load the attached .pk7 with -iwad... It should dump you to a menu with an ugly title graphic over a missing titlepic if it loads properly, since it's essentially empty, but generates the same load error in current GZDoom (ge5a3d22).

The "IWAD" is detected as doom2.wad, GZDoom tries to parse the default doom2 menudef entry, then errors out.
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2017-03-07 22:10


Menudef_Error.pk7 (4,100 bytes)


2017-03-08 02:03

developer   ~0000908

It's a trivial task to change this back to a warning.
But first take a look related conversation here.
You need to convince Graf to make the error a warning again ;)
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-08 03:17

administrator   ~0000909

The main problem here is not that the texture is missing but that one of the base games needs to be set, even for a completely standalone mod and that its associated menu content is parsed from gzdoom.pk3.

Of course this can be reduced to a warning but ideally the engine should know that the internal menu is not needed and skip its validation entirely

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