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0000383Software Renderer[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-03-13 17:27
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Summary0000383: Floating Mid Textures With a Negative Scaling Value are not Mirrored
DescriptionThe QZDoom (true colour software renderer) does not mirror floating mid texture with a negative scale. These work fine in ZDoom and GZDoom. The issues shows itself on two-sided linedefs with mid-textures and on poly-objects. I'm using QZDoom 1.2.2.
Steps To ReproduceEither create a poly-object with textures that have a negative scale or add a mid-texture with a negative scale to a two-sided linedef.
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Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-08 03:35

administrator   ~0000912

A demo map would go a long way to motivate a dev to check this out.


2017-03-09 07:17

reporter   ~0000917

Last edited: 2017-03-09 07:19

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You can find an example of the issue happening on PolyObjects in my released WAD finalicon. The textures on two doors to the elevate from which you start are suppose to mirror each other, but the textures are displayed identically in QZDoom. They work fine in all other ZDoom family ports.



2017-03-09 11:26

administrator   ~0000920

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When Graf says "demo map" he means a minimalized map that shows off the bug prominently and without all the extra stuff that normally comes with a full-fledged project.

The more work a dev has to do to reach an affected area of the map to diagnose the problem, the harder the issue becomes to resolve, especially with drawer functions in the software renderer. The reason for this is because the program has to be restarted repeatedly in the debugging process in order to test changes.



2017-03-10 08:48

developer   ~0000923

Just tried finalicon in QZDoom master and the doors are mirrored correctly. Maybe this was fixed when _mental_ fixed the scroller direction bug?

6XGate, are you still experiencing this issue if you try with one of the nightly builds of QZDoom?


2017-03-10 09:03

administrator   ~0000924

Either way, it looks like the poster lost interest in coming back, so I am going to close this, as I am done worrying about it.


2017-03-10 09:18

developer   ~0000925

"Lost interest in coming back?" It's been one day. :/


2017-03-10 10:52

administrator   ~0000926

You're right. I thought it was a lot longer, sorry.


2017-03-10 14:39

developer   ~0000927

Ah, heh... all right, no worries then if it was unintentional. "Oops Happens(tm)" :P


2017-03-13 07:51

reporter   ~0000953

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Do forgive for the late response. I was on a business trip. I've uploaded a map showing the issue on both PolyObjects and mid-textures on two-sided linedefs in UDMF. I don't know if it effects other map formats since I thought only UDMF supports scaling.

This map was tested in GZDoom using the hardware and software renderer which worked fine, and QZDoom using the software renderer which failed to flip the textures that have a negative scale.

fliptest.wad (12,719 bytes)


2017-03-13 08:01


gzdoom-midtextures.png (206,602 bytes) ==> SQL => SELECT d.adnum as num, d.adsrc as def from pg_attrdef d, pg_class c where d.adrelid=c.oid and c.relname='mantis_bug_file_table' order by d.adnum
gzdoom-midtextures.png (206,602 bytes)
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gzdoom-polyobjects.png (168,475 bytes)


2017-03-13 09:19

developer   ~0000955

Just tried the fliptest.wad on QZDoom's master branch. Looks exactly like on the png files you uploaded.

Please try download a nightly build of QZDoom. As far as I can tell, this bug has been fixed.


2017-03-13 12:42

administrator   ~0000957

They look correct to me too, in the latest build.


2017-03-13 12:55

reporter   ~0000958

Alright, I'll do that real quick and get back to ya'll.


2017-03-13 13:05

reporter   ~0000959

Last edited: 2017-03-13 13:09

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It did fix the issue, but a now the PolyObjects in the same WAD appear to be broken. Here is a video.



2017-03-13 14:33

reporter   ~0000964

A quick note, the PolyObjects are still broken in the Git build released a few hours ago.


2017-03-13 15:52

administrator   ~0000968

The polyobjects is a separate issue 0000422 and has already been reported and fixed - I have not yet, as of this posting, done a new build yet though. I will do that soon.


2017-03-13 17:27

reporter   ~0000973

Alright, that's all good. Since these Git builds are in development build, a few bugs are to be expected :). But the texture bug (as per this ticket) then is fixed.

End of Line.

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