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Summary0000037: [MantisBT] Show issue summary in "My View" Timeline
DescriptionThe "Timeline" box on the "My View" page is virtually useless, as the only piece of information it shows from the modified issue is the ID number (which nobody is going to have memorized). If just the summary was printed next to the ID, it'd make a world of difference in usability.

Attached a screenshot just to highlight the bit I'm referring to.

If MantisBT doesn't allow the Timeline to be customized in such a fashion, I'd advocate removing it entirely, as it's currently just visual noise that takes up space.
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2017-01-11 14:09


2017-01-11 14_02_33-My View - ZDoom.png (34,010 bytes) ==> SQL => SELECT d.adnum as num, d.adsrc as def from pg_attrdef d, pg_class c where d.adrelid=c.oid and c.relname='mantis_bug_file_table' order by d.adnum

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