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0000352Gameplay + OpenGL(No Category)public2017-04-02 14:47
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Summary0000352: Map scripts in custom mappacks work incorrect in GZDoom 2.3.2
DescriptionStrange bug in GZDoom when playing e1m6 on masters of chaos mappack: elevator moves only 1 time (should work infinitely)
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce:

1) Download moc11.wad here:
2) Run GZDoom: gzdoom.exe -iwad heretic.wad -file moc11.wad -warp 1 6 -skill 5 +set sv_cheats 1
3) Turn on noclip cheat
4) Go to the next switch:
5) Turn off noclip cheat
6) Press switch from step 4
7) Go to the next elevator:
8) Wait for elevator moving down and then up
9) Try to walk in that small elevator room, so you trigger some scripts that elevator will move down again

Actual result: elevator will not move again
Expected result: elevator should move again

Video demonstration of actual result (GZDoom 2.3.2 x64): (watch at 2:27:27)

Video demonstration of expected result (GZDoom 2.1.1 x64 or lower): (watch from 1:17:17 to 1:18:41). So as you see, elevator worked 2 times, then player tried to walk (till 1:18:41) and elevator continued working 3rd time. And it's impossible to do this in GZDoom 2.3.2 (as you see in previous video above)
Additional InformationReproduced in GZDoom 2.3.2 x64
Not reproduced in GZDoom 2.1.1 x64 or lower
Not reproduced in ZDoom
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Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-01 15:08

administrator   ~0000825

This was only fixable by adding a compatibility option. Even in those older versions it was not easy to trigger the lift because there's insufficient room between the door and the trigger.


2017-03-01 15:15

reporter   ~0000827

Which specific compatibility option I should set in GZDoom 2.3.2 ?


2017-03-01 15:47

administrator   ~0000828

There is none available on 2.3.2. You will have to either start using tomorrow's devbuild or wait for the next release.


2017-04-02 11:57

reporter   ~0001215

What is the name of that compatibility option?
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-02 12:26

administrator   ~0001216

There is no name for the setting. What it does is move two vertices by one map unit so that the player can cross the trigger line:

B68EB7CFB4CC481796E2919B9C16DFBD // Moc11.wad e1m6
    setvertex 1650 -3072 2671
    setvertex 1642 -2944 2671


2017-04-02 14:47

reporter   ~0001222


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