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0000243Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Featurepublic2017-03-21 18:43
Assigned ToGraf Zahl 
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Summary0000243: 16:10 Menu Support
DescriptionCrosspost from here:

The game's options are unreadable in the menu's current state. I have to use the CVARs to change anything.
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Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-12 18:52

administrator   ~0000534

I can't test 1920x1200, but it should be fixed now, this was caused by not considering the widescreen effect when choosing the scaling factor, and it went into a special case for small screens, even for larger resolutions.


2017-02-22 07:10

reporter   ~0000693

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Tested. Partly fixed. At least now I can see the numbers. Why not add global menu scaling like the one for the HUD? That seems to be the universal solution to scaling problems. There's still an issue if I use custom fonts, even if the letters themselves are small.



2017-03-17 18:18

reporter   ~0001033

New note after extensive testing.
So it seems that aspect ratio sets the menu scale at compile time. Well, here are the issues.
FYI, on a 1920x1200 monitor atm. I will be able to send feedback until 30th of March or so. After that I will be moving to a 1920x1080 one.

//Aspect ratio is forced.
Aspect ratio: Off - menu is off-screen. Basically, what I reported.
Aspect ratio: 16:10 - same as above.
Aspect ratio: 16:9 - menu fits like a glove.
Aspect ratio: 4:3 - menu still fits like a glove.

Basically, the menu is fine on all aspect ratios except the one I'm actually using.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-18 07:30

administrator   ~0001037

I have no idea what you are doing. I can't see anything wrong in 16:10.


2017-03-18 08:59

reporter   ~0001041

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Remember, you need to restart the program. Here are pictures for reference. Both are on the same resolution (1920x1200). Taken with phone, because menu doesn't like getting screenshotted, apparently.

Forced 16:10 / Forced Off -
Forced 16:9 -

Downloaded newest dev build just to be sure (was on a week older build) and the only slight improvement is that on forced 16:9 the menu is only a little bit smaller. Everything else is still the same.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-18 16:07

administrator   ~0001045

I cannoz activate a screen size that is larger than my monitor so I simply cannot debug where the wrong scaling value gets picked - but from the looks of it it sees 1200 and chooses 6 which is too much here.


2017-03-18 16:40

reporter   ~0001048

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I'm available to test. Just need to know which build has a fix so I can test and post feedback. Keep in mind that I cannot compile the builds myself. Will need to wait for Blzut's autoupdater. Feedback may take a day to come.

Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-19 12:38

administrator   ~0001061

I hope it's better now.


2017-03-21 10:45

reporter   ~0001073

Can confirm it is fixed, but only if Forced Aspect Ratio is turned off. Using Forced 16:10 still has the issue. I'm not sure if this is worth reopening...
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-03-21 18:43

administrator   ~0001077

It uses the actual screen size to decide how much it wants to scale. And forcing is bound to whack the logic quite effectively.

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