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0000226Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-15 14:20
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Summary0000226: Setting DamageFactor 0 on a PowerProtection item doesn't make you immune
DescriptionTo be specific DamageFactor that is non-zero works as intended. It's just that, right now, it's impossible to be completely immune to a specific damage type.

For example, this should make you immune to melee damage, but it only minimizes it.
Class PowerT : PowerProtection
        ActiveSound "pain/pain";
        DamageFactor "Melee", 0;
Class T : InvulnerabilitySphere
        Powerup.Type "PowerT";
Steps To ReproduceSave the above code as zscript.txt and drag-drop it on gzdoom. Give yourself the T item, summon a Demon (Pinky) and let it bite you. It should cause some damage even though it's not supposed to.
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2017-02-11 23:35

reporter   ~0000524

Unfortunately I seem to be having this issue, and it sort of breaks my "evasion" mechanic which relies on setting Damagefactor to "0" as well, so I'm hoping this gets addressed soon. :o

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