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0000149Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-01 04:20
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Summary0000149: PowerUp.Color Colormaps Not Rendering
DescriptionWhile InverseMap appears to be rendering correctly when assigned to a powerup with PowerUp.Color, the remaining color maps listed on the ZDoom Wiki are not rendering at all when the powerup is collected.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Summon one powerup supplied in the test WAD, and collect it.
2.) Verify that the colormap is displaying correctly.
3.) Start new game from the main menu.
4.) Summon next powerup and collect it.
4.) Continue steps 2-4 until all powerups have been collected.

InverseMap will render correctly, but GoldMap, RedMap, BlueMap, and GreenMap will not.
Additional InformationDecorate code supplied in test wad below:
actor NewInvulnInverse : InvulnerabilitySphere
    Powerup.Color InverseMap

actor NewInvulnRed : InvulnerabilitySphere
    Powerup.Color RedMap

actor NewInvulnGreen : InvulnerabilitySphere
    Powerup.Color GreenMap

actor NewInvulnGold : InvulnerabilitySphere
    Powerup.Color GoldMap

actor NewInvulnBlue : InvulnerabilitySphere
    Powerup.Color BlueMap
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2017-01-31 19:36


powerupColorTest.wad (417 bytes)


2017-01-31 21:38

reporter   ~0000308

Forgot to mention in the original report. This bug is present in the latest Git build, g2.4pre-289-ga188a88.

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