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0000096Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-01-21 12:55
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Summary0000096: A_SkullAttack Ignores Target Z-Position
DescriptionIn GZDoom v2.3.2, A_SkullAttack appears not to take the target's Z-position into consideration when attacking. Instead, the attacker moves in a straight line toward the target, but in most cases, harmlessly flies overhead when "Actors Are Infinitely Tall" is set to False.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Summon LostSoul at a height far greater than the player (use Fly cheat)
2.) Back away from LostSoul, disable fly
3.) Wait for LostSoul to attack

LostSoul should pass harmlessly over the player's head, its Z-position only adjusting when it nears the player.
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