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0000635Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-04-29 03:27
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Summary0000635: Custom HUD disappearing if HUD scaling < 3
DescriptionRun attached example.

Make sure screenblocks = 10.

You will most probably see an empty HUD, unless the scale setting (either override or the fullscreen HUD scale) is 3 or larger.

Don't know since when this broke but smaller scale values used to not exhibit this bug.
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2017-04-28 09:13

reporter (6,229 bytes)


2017-04-28 09:14

reporter   ~0001561

Correction: either override or the global UI scale


2017-04-28 10:08

reporter   ~0001564

For what it's worth - For me, the effect seems to be magnified as resolution increases... On lower resolution (1280x720), the bar only disappears when scale is set to 1. At higher resolutions (1920x1080), the bar disappears at 2 or 3 as well... If I set it to 2, I can toggle between resolutions and watch the bar appear and disappear.
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-28 12:03

administrator   ~0001568

Your calculation of the y coordinate for the clipping rectangle seems to be totally off and happens to exclude the area for the display on scale 1 and 2.

As the scaling increases the clipping rectangle is moved out of the bottom of the screen and no longer clipping, that's why the HUD reappears.


2017-04-28 22:41

reporter   ~0001577

@Graf Zahl but it does not happen before. Which commit changed this?
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-04-29 03:27

administrator   ~0001580

Whatever changed only revealed an error in your math. The entire calculation is wrong. If you want to set a clipping rectangle aligned to the bottom of the screen you have to align the rectangle's coordinates to the bottom of the screen as well. You align yours to the center of the screen, and with HUD_HEIGHT being 200 it only covers a too small part of the screen if the scaling is 1 or 2.

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