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0000349Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-28 18:04
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000349: Flac playback stutters when looping.
DescriptionPreviously I had some issues with Flac playback, but it was fixed by setting SND_STREAMBUFFERSIZE 128.
This fixed the streaming stutter but recently I've started playtesting again and realized I now have issues whenever the track loops. As I use Audio_loop Audio_Loop Wiki in pretty much all the music for my mod it breaks things up a good bit when it stutters every time the track loops. As I've been doing other work than playtesting recently I haven't really got a good idea of how long this problem has been present, but as I started to play through tracks again recently I notice it happening - and I believe it happens in every track, every time. I'm using the fmodex for audio in GzDoom.

I will do some testing on my older Gzdoom versions asap and see when the problem has started - but parhaps this is already a known issue, or that it like the other stutter has some setting that can be set to solve it?
Steps To ReproduceHave a regular large Flac file with LOOP_START and LOOP_END properly set to loop music and play it back in new versions of GzDoom using fmodex (I have set snd_streambuffersize to 128 on my end)
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Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-27 16:45

administrator   ~0000808

Since the future of FModEx is somewhat in doubt due to the planned license change I see no reason to invest time here for now. The FLAC problem is just another nail in its coffin.


2017-02-28 10:20

reporter   ~0000812

is there any way to simply use the old FModEx versions with the new GzDoom version? since the old FModEx does not have any issues with this. or are there any other important changes that need the newer versions of FmodEx to function?
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-28 11:46

administrator   ~0000813

I remember that there was a CVAR added to address the problem but right now I cannot remember which one.

About the old version, FModEX is unfortunately not ABI compatible, so it may work or it may not.
You can certainly try getting older DLLs from the download in the GZDoom archive and see if some of them work and solve the problem.


2017-02-28 12:54

reporter   ~0000814

After playing around a lot with snd_buffersize and snd_buffercount - which I had to set snd_buffersize to 5000 to have smooth playback I realized this wasn't the way to go - as it would also delay all ingame sounds with about a second.. I then fell back to the snd_streambuffersize and found that with default snd_buffersize and snd_buffercount - but snd_streambuffersize risen from 128 to 1024 would provide smooth playback..
I also found that Flac files of 20mb would play back and loop smooth with a value of 128, while files of 60mb would play back smooth with 128, but require 1024 to be able to loop smoothly as well..
I also found that it does not matter how much of the file is actually played.. even if a large 60mb file is set to loop only the first second of the track it will still skip if the snd_streambuffersize isnt set high enough.

I hope these finds will be of use if anyone else who use huge flac-files run into the same problem.

You can switch this into 'solved' now Graf :)

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