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0000182Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Featurepublic2017-02-04 16:39
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Summary0000182: Hitscans aren't blocked when Walkable Middle Texture is ticked on the line
DescriptionWhen you tick "Walkable Middle Texture" on a line, projectiles like rockets and plasmas will explode when you shoot at the non-transparent parts of the line, however hitscans will continue to pass through unaffected.

HOWEVER; if you tick "block hitscans" on the line, the hitscans will be blocked infinitely, even when there's empty space on the texture.
Steps To ReproduceExample file included. If you fire the rocket directly on the marble door, it will explode. If you fire it above the marble door, the rocket will fly over into the next room. Chaingun shots, however, will go right through the marble door regardless of where you fire it.
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2017-02-04 12:03


PolySwingDoors.wad (12,384 bytes)
Graf Zahl

Graf Zahl

2017-02-04 12:52

administrator   ~0000372

It has always been like this and won't be changed. It's just like non-shootable actors, where hitscans are also passing through.


2017-02-04 13:06

reporter   ~0000374

Understandable... so what other options would I have? I really need these swinging doors to block hitscans, but not infinitely in height, because I plan to use these doors on 3D floors.


2017-02-04 16:39

reporter   ~0000377

People use this exploit to hide behind railings and attack with hitscans to defeat difficult bosses in CDI. Given the comments here so far, it sounds like it will stay like this for no good reason. Shame.

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