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0000139Gameplay + OpenGL[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-01-29 11:46
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Summary0000139: Non solid 3D floors do not generate splashes
DescriptionUnlike most times when splashable flats (e.g. water flats in Heretic) are hit, non-solid 3D floors do not generate splashes on their surface.

I was trying to make a map that has water in it that I wanted to be a translucent visual effect but with no physics effects (no blocking, no swimmable effect) but I wanted the water to splash when things ended up in it. At present, this does not seem to be possible.
Steps To ReproduceLoad the attached map. It's for Heretic.

Load it up and fire the wand at the water surfaces. Only one pool does not splash. Unfortunately, it's the pool with the visuals and physics that I want. :(

As the switches tell you,

  1. the pool on the left is a normal floor and it splashes
  2. the next pool uses transfer heights and, as a result, is non-blocking but it splaches
  3. the next pool uses a solid 3D floor (advantage: it can be translucent) and it splashes
  4. the next pool uses a swimable 3D floor (advantage: translucent, disadvantage in some situtions: physics (e.g. this is the only deep pool in the map that you can get out of without jumping) and it splashes
  5. the final pool uses a non-solid 3D floor (advantage, it's purely visual, which can be desirable) but it does not splash.
Additional InformationThread where I asked the editing question about this issue:
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